26.08.2020 16:00 - 27.08.2020 13:00

Event overview

The Narva Museum invites you to an excursion to Kreenholm as part of the Station Narva festival, where the visitor will get an overview of the manufactory's more than 160-year history in the middle of monumental industrial architecture.

There is no equal to Kreenholm – there was nothing else like this mammoth company with its more than 10,000 workers overlooking the foaming falls of Narva in either Russia or Europe as a whole.

Although the machines in the factory no longer operate, workers no longer beaver away in its workshops and the falls are only open a few times a year, Kreenholm's industrial architecture still fascinates people, recalling the glory days of this huge industrial park.

Led by a museum guide, the tour starts at the old Kreenholm gates opposite Joala 32 (https://goo.gl/maps/XCLf4UncAk82). While on the tour you can leave your car or bus in the free car park next to the gates. The tour lasts for around 90 minutes. During this time you explored the closed-off grounds of the factory and visit the old factory building itself, where you can take a look at a large knitting hall to better understand the scale of the work that was done here. The total length of the tour route is around 2.5 km. Since Kreenholm is an industrial complex and the tour mainly takes place outdoors, please dress for the weather.

Note: There are no toilets on the Kreenholm site.

Dates: As part of the Station Narva festival, the Kreenholm tour will take place on August 26 at 16.00 and on August 27 at 13.00.

Language: Your guide will speak English.

Safety: Tours are provided in accordance with current health protection requirements.

Ticket price: Full-priced tickets €10, discounted tickets €5.

Discounted tickets are available to:
• children aged 9-18
• school students (upon presentation of a student card or ISIC student card)
• university students (upon presentation of a student card or ISIC student card)
• teachers (upon presentation of an employment certificate or ITIC teacher card)
• seniors aged 65+
• conscripts in the Estonian defence forces (upon presentation of a military ticket)
• people with advanced or severe disabilities (upon presentation of disabled person's card)
Children up to 8 years of age and a person accompanying someone with an advanced/severe disability are admitted free of charge.