29.08.2020 18:00 / Art Gallery

Event overview

Museum Night, which is marked all over Estonia, opens up dozens of museums and other exciting places to the public completely free of charge on 29 August. Narva Museum Art Galley is one of the more than 150 Estonian museums that will be welcoming everyone free of charge from 18:00-23:00 on Saturday 29 August.

Museum Night is taking place this year under the banner “There's Time in the Night”. The theme, time, is something that people seem to have less and less of, even though we all have exactly the same amount – 24 hours per day. What do we do with our time? How does it pass? Where does time go? What time are we even living in? And how is time measured poetically, biologically, astronomically and technologically? Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Soviet era, the years of freedom – museums have a lot to do with time, because they are largely concerned with preserving, researching and exhibiting moments frozen in time. Can we look at one thing or another and ask what period it is from? Everything seems to have its own time, whether that be its time of birth, the ploughing season, a trial period, our school years, periods of war and peace, the moment a flower blossoms or the hours we sleep. And it’s nice when someone says sure, things are hectic during the day, but there’s TIME in the NIGHT.

Museum Night at Narva Museum Art Gallery

Saturday 29 August | 18:00-23:00

18:00 Opening of Museum Night

19:00 Awarding of prizes to the best children, teenagers and teachers in the children's creative competition ‘What the Future Brings’

20:00 Curator’s tour of the ‘Urban Narva: From Dacha to Palace’ exhibition (in Estonian and Russian)

22:00 Curator’s tour of the ‘Urban Narva: From Dacha to Palace’ exhibition (in Estonian and Russian)

23:00 Closing of Museum Night

An art studio will be open to children and their parents.

The Rondeel pop-up café will be serving delicious snacks and drinks.

Narva Castle will be open as usual from 10:00-18:00 on the day. The Northern Courtyard of Narva Castle will be hosting the free ‘Summer in a Jar’ festival of preserves on 29 & 30 August.

The architectural exhibition ‘Urban Narva: From Dacha to Palace’ provides a witty overview of the unruly world of border town architecture.  At the heart of the exhibition lies Narva’s urban space, from which you get a glimpse into the past.

Narva Museum Art Gallery (Vestervalli 21)

INFORMATION: info@narvamuuseum.ee | +372 359 923