Excursion "Krenholm: the history of the textile giant" 

Narva Museum organises excursions to Krenholm both by reservation and at 12:00 every Sunday from April till the end of October2022 wherein visitors gain an overview of the factory's more than 160 years of history in the midst of monumental industrial architecture.

Although the machines in the factory no longer operate, workers no longer beaver away in its workshops and the falls are only open a few times a year, Krenholm's industrial architecture still fascinates people, recalling the glory days of this huge industrial park.

Led by a museum guide, the tour starts at the old Krenholm gates opposite Joala 32. While on the tour you can leave your car or bus in the free car park next to the gates.

The total length of the tour route is around 2.5 km. Since Krenholm is an industrial complex and the tour mainly takes place outdoors, please dress for the weather.