26.02.2024 - 01.03.2024

Event overview

During the February holidays, Narva Museum invites children aged 7 to 11 to the welcoming embrace of its educational programs. Each day of the camp is dedicated to a different upcoming spring holiday, allowing participants to prepare for these significant and exciting occasions through games and educational activities alongside new friends.

Each day, participants will enjoy unique workshops, culinary sessions, visits to the castle, the Art Gallery, and other engaging attractions, plus they will be provided with hot meals!

The activities will be conducted in Russian.

Camp hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM. Daily meeting and pick-up point is at the ticket office of Narva Castle (Peetri plats 7).

Monday, February 26:My Language, My Friend! Native Language Day
Explore which language is native and close to us through active and educational games. Learn about Estonian and Russian folk games, discover the evolution of language, the meaning behind many proverbs and sayings, and easily learn funny tongue twisters in both languages. After lunch, bake a treat and weave name bracelets from beads.

Tuesday, February 27:Red Hand, Black Sheet, and Green Fingers! Walpurgis Night
Learn how our ancestors welcomed the blooming spring and sent off the dark times. Weather permitting, light a fire in the castle courtyard, and enjoy some spooky children's stories with a flashlight, exploring the most mysterious items from the Narva Museum collection. Refuel with a frightfully tasty treat and end the day with an exciting quest through the medieval castle and crafting an electronic tabletop lantern.

Wednesday, February 28:From Narva to Paris! Europe Day
Before Europe Day, explore fascinating and unusual traditions of our European neighbors. Meet and play with volunteers from various corners of Europe at the youth center Vitatiim, take a city walk to Europe Alley and engage in a large team trivia quiz with prizes for everyone! In the workshop, dream of places you'd like to visit and get closer to your dreams by creating a series of badges with the most desired views and places of your future travels.

Thursday, February 29:Laughter Permitted! Humor Day
Prepare for Laughter Day by engaging in fun improvisation and fantasy games. Keep spirits high with a mischievous version of the popular game Alias and exploring the beloved children's book "Bad Advice". After lunch, craft a handmade stress-relief toy and prepare a sweet dessert.

Friday, March 1:Giving Kindness! Mother's Day
The week concludes with preparations for the gentlest spring holiday – Mother’s Day. Reflect on the beautiful mothers and grandmothers and learn how artists of different times expressed their love for them through the museum's art collection. After lunch, not only prepare sweet gifts but also discover through games how easy it is to be a parent and get acquainted with etiquette rules! Finally, each participant will create their own canvas painting with a bouquet for dear moms.

Participation Costs: €28 / day €110 / session (5 days)