10.02.2022 18:00

Event overview

On Thursday, February 10, at 18:00, the Narva Museum will start a lecture series covering cultural, artistic, and historical topics. In the opening lecture of the new series, James White, a research fellow at the University of Tartu, will talk about attempts to convert the Swedish population of the island of Ruhnu to Orthodoxy.

COVID-19 restrictions have fundamentally changed our way of life. Last year, the Narva Museum, following the global trend of distance learning, embarked on a bold experiment with a series of virtual lectures. Thanks to this new format, anyone interested could listen to the lecture series and participate in discussions without leaving home.

During the pandemic, the Narva Museum has established itself as a major center for informal education for a wide audience. This year, it continues to strive to satisfy people's thirst for knowledge by offering new opportunities. Starting from February, lectures will be held at least twice a month on Thursdays. Lectures take place both on-site and via Zoom. They will be accompanied by slide translations and supplementary materials that participants can receive on-site.

James White (University of Tartu) "Attempts to Convert the Swedish Population to Orthodoxy on the Island of Ruhnu."

Date: February 10, 2022, at 18:00 Language: English Format: ZOOM lecture Cost: FREE

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In the summer of 1866, the Swedish-speaking population of the remote island of Ruhnu sought to convert from Lutheranism to Russian Orthodoxy. Engaged in fishing, trade, and hunting throughout the Baltic Sea, these islanders had a unique culture, dialect, and way of life. However, a shipwreck of a valuable vessel spoiled their relationship with the local Lutheran pastor and forced them to threaten conversion to the faith of the czar. In this conversation, we will use the authentic voices of the participants to tell this dramatic story of religious conflict amidst the waves of the Baltic.

The link to the ZOOM Lektoorium will be sent to registered participants one hour before the event.

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